Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello and Welcome!

Hello, I'm AgMane, Equus Silvermane's media consultant.  I help him interact with the human world since he isn't much a fan of our primitive computer interfaces.  He will, from time to time, make an appearance here and talk directly but for the most part, I represent him and he lets me do the talking (or even stand in for him, but I'll get into that more later!).

As a liaison for Equus, I spend a lot of time accompanying him to events and functions of various sizes.  This gives me the unique position to be able to discuss many varying aspects of his life and his views on our world.  I understand some of his passions and drives.  Equus has also been kind enough to allow me to discuss some of the technology that went into building, and goes into maintaining his body.

Posts may be slow to get started, on account of Equus' busy schedule, but over time we will hopefully establish a somewhat regular rhythm.  Equus has much to share and we both hope that you'll find our work both interesting and informative.

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