Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unicorn Q&A

Equus: Hello to all of you! My human friend, AgMane, suggested that I introduce myself to you all. I figured the best way to accomplish this would be for him to interview me, so he can ask all the questions a human might have for a neocorn!   

AG: Equus, maybe you could introduce yourself?

Equus: Formally I am Lord Equus Silvermane of Fyrethorn Meadow and former Herd Leader of Unicorns.  Now, while I certainly approve of and in some settings, expect to be called by my formal title, we can leave off the formal trappings of my name - A simple Equus will suffice for our conversation.

AG: Lord....That seems a bit...

Equus: Pretentious perhaps?  But no...don’t consider it that.  My Title of Lord is a function of my significant wealth and land holdings.  And being Herd Leader certainly would entitle one to such, how should we say...trappings?  Herd leader would be equivalent to what you humans might call a president, or king.

AG: Herd Leader you say?

Equus: Yes.  My father was the Herd Leader prior to me.  The job passed to me after his retirement and then I in turn passed it to my son when I decided to move onto other pursuits.

AG: you mentioned you are a neocorn...what is that?

Equus: Neocorns are the next step in mythical evolution.  We are a blending of both biological and mechanical beings.  We harness the best of both sides.  I could get into a much longer discussion of this, but let’s save that for another day.

AG: Alright then.  What are the other pursuits you spoke of?    

Equus: I’ve been taking the time to visit human worlds that might not be as familiar with supernatural beings such as myself.  In fact the term “mythical” is often used because they have completely forgotten that we do indeed exist.

AG: Sounds like you are just an aristocrat on perpetual vacation.

Equus: Goodness no, I’m also a trained engineer and avid equestrian.  I spend some of my time in the lab messing with new technology and a significant amount of time rehabilitating and caring for horses.

AG: Ahhhh these are passions of mine as well.  

Equus: Yes I recognized your inclinations toward equestrian affairs.  That’s one reason I asked you to be my guide and liaison.  In fact, we are quite similar, perhaps only differentiated by the fact that I’m a horse with a horn on my head, as you so eloquently put it sometimes.

AG: Surely you aren’t trying to help people full time.  How are some ways you like to have fun?

Equus: I very much enjoy spending time in the outdoors, hiking, camping, enjoying what the world I’m on has to offer.  When not doing that I spend time working around my farm.  

AG: And what about the T-shirt with the vomiting unicorn on it?

Equus: I respectfully decline to comment.

AG: Oh come now.  You can’t expect people to think you’re always being so noble.

Equus: Of course I can.  Nobility is an important (and well deserved) part of the Unicorn brand, but that doesn't mean we can't also have a good time not and then.

As for the shirt, some friends at a brewery that brews unicorn themed beers were kind enough to give it to me when I visited them.  Their beers were most delicious and they were quite excited to have a unicorn stop in!  It was the least I could do to wear the shirt they gave me.  Besides, everybody knows how impractical it is to get a unicorn drunk.  That's why the shirt is so humorous.

AG:  How often do you plan to visit this human world?

Equus: Fairly frequently, you’re an entertaining bunch, especially those fake animal-people that like to get together at hotels and convention centers every so often.  Hopefully we can consider this a cross-collaboration.  I’ll learn some things, you’ll learn some things, and hopefully some of the insights we share here will be well received by readers.

AG:  What do you hope people will get out of reading your blog?

Equus: I hope they’ll get to know so called "mythicals" a bit better, maybe learn a little bit about engineering, maybe a little bit about horses too.  And hopefully they’ll find that unicorns like to have good responsible fun just like everyone else!  

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