Monday, October 19, 2015

One Year, One Unicorn, Many Places - Part 2

As I mentioned before, over the past year I've been to many places and seen many cool things in this world.  In part 1 we finished up at FurTheMore, one of those furry conventions in Tysons Corner, VA.  Shortly after that I accompanied Agmane to San Diego.

2015-06-04 - San Diego, CA
While in San Diego, Agmane broke the news to me that he wanted to go to Califur, a con in Irvine, California.  I reluctantly agreed when he told met that there would be other unicorns there.

2015-06-06 - Irvine, CA -  Califur
While at Califur, we shared our room with a most delightful donkey.  I insisted he join us when I wanted to go to the beach.

2015-06-05 - Newport Beach, CA

Walking around in my true form was no big deal in the City of Angels.  The ignorant hewmans all thought I was a play actor from one of their "moving pictures."

2015-06-07 - Los Angeles, CA - Union Station
I was told this was Dan Aykroyd's private car.  Unfortunately he has no time for unicorns.  *grumbles*

2015-06-08 - El Paso, TX
 After a hard night of serving dinner to my fellow passengers, I felt the dining car staff could use some rainbows in their lives.

2015-06-08 - TX
Unicorn Says: Always Maintain 3 points of contact when moving about the train!

2015-06-08 - Somewhere in TX

Our next stop was New Orleans.  I found this vacant plinth near Jackson Square.  I think a unicorn would look quite good here.

2015-06-10 - New Orleans, LA - Jackson Square
I'm always willing to imbibe upon the different concoctions you hewmans come up with to intoxicate yourselves.  I was told that this place specialized in a signature drink called the hurricane.  I quite enjoyed it.

2015-06-10 - New Orleans, LA - Pat O'Briens, Home of the Hurricane
After our long road trip, I took some time off before heading to another one of those furry conventions with Agmane.  This time we headed to the world's largest convention: Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA.

2015-07-12 - Anthrocon - Pittsburgh, PA
Some say unicorns are as tall as we are so that we are able to reach the top shelf.  This is clearly incorrect as a proper unicorn never has to reach for anything!  The fine staff at The Brewers Art certainly met this standard of service.

2015-07-17 - Artscape - Brewers Art - Baltimore, MD - Taken By SeikoLiz
The City of Baltimore was kind enough to clear the streets for my visit.

2015-07-17 - Artscape - Baltimore, MD - Taken By SeikoLiz
This "street art" is such a refreshing change from the money driven gallery scene.  Ephemeral works painted by the people, for the people.  I was so impressed I immediately purchased these walls and am having them transported to my estate.

2015-07-17 - Graffiti Alley - Baltimore, MD - Taken by SeikoLiz
Owning a professional sports team seems like mighty good fun.  Of course they will have to have a proper equine theme unlike this burd related team in Baltimore.

2015-08-08 - Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD
These "pony" enthusiasts (Agmane calls them "Bronies") make a mockery of all equine traditions!  Of course their heart is in the right place so I reluctantly entertained their requests for photographs.  Oddly enough the fake pony hewman on the right reminds me of an eclectic fellow I met several centuries ago.

2015-08-08 - Bronycon - Baltimore, MD - With Derpy and Doctor Whooves
I was invited to the United Kingdom by a very special zebra furry person who I very much enjoyed spending time with.  He and a deer friend of his were nice enough to accompany me on a walk through London.  I quite love London (and the UK), they properly respect Unicorns there.  As they should, of course, since we're one of the two creatures on their national seal.

2015-08-29 - London, UK
Finally, some hewman accommodations worthy of a Unicorn lord.  

2015-08-29 - London, UK

One of my hewman guides helped me recreate the scene from the Queen Elizabeth gate. Raaar he says. *smirks*

2015-08-29 - London, UK

A week after returning to North America, Agmane and I traveled to Philadelphia to attend a "tailgate" party (a confusing name since none of the participants had tails) supporting the local sports club known as the Eagles.  Apparently a hewman spiritual leader called the pope was also in town to support the same team and he and I were able to exchange pleasantries

2015-09-20 - Philadelphia, PA - Sports Complex
Agmane has failed to explain to me why there is a hewman atop Philadelphia's city hall instead of a unicorn.  After all, equines originated in the new world!

2015-09-20 - Philadelphia, PA
Agmane invited me along to the beach with some of his friends.  Of course, there was an potential hurricane headed our way.  I talked to my people and got that fixed. ;-) , although there was nothing they could do about the wind.   Still, a good time was had by all, except for when some dog and his emo companion showed up to interrupt my wind-walk. 

2015-10-03 - Stone Harbor, NJ
Finally, one year to the day I arrived in this world, I returned to the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Not all hewman children are sticky little gremlins.  :-)

In the past year I've traversed the US and made an appearance in the lovely city of London, where they love unicorns!  I've had such a good time meeting you hewmans, especially the furry ones.  They are quite entertaining, even if I think pretending to be a fake-animal-person is a bit daft.  ;-)

To close it out, nearly geographical bookends (if you don't count the UK!)  Newport Beach, CA to the West, Stone Harbor, NJ to the East.

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