Saturday, October 17, 2015

One year, One Unicorn, Many Places - Part 1

Over the past year I've had a chance to travel widely across your hewman world, seeing great sites and meeting many people.  After thousands of miles and long hours on all manner of your primitive methods of transport, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my travels!

To summon a unicorn, a sacrifice was required.  May he rest in piece(s).  

2014-10-18 - Phoenix, AZ - A Sacrifice

The young lady that summoned me to this world brought me to this fantastic natural wonder shortly after I arrived.  I was quite impressed with it, though apparently other humans were quite impressed with the unicorn!

2014-10-17 - Equus at the Grand Canyon
I traveled home with my hewman friend, Agmane on one of primitive flying devices.  Here is one of the servants that attended to me on my flight.

A day later we visited a Renaissance Festival.  Apparently these hewmans are nostalgic for a time of dragons and kings....and Unicorns.  ;-)  I also met some hewmans that enjoy dressing up as animals, strange as that may sound.  They called themselves....furries.  

2014-10-19 - Maryland Renaissance Festival

As Agmane has discussed earlier in his posts about his life with horses, he is quite fond of horse rescues and the fantastic work that they do.  After the Renaissance Festival, he took me to visit Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, where he used to volunteer and also where he adopted his horse from.  I insisted in meeting some of my equine brethren here.  They were not entirely fond of me at first, but warmed up eventually.  

2014-10-19 - Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue
I apparently arrived around the hewman holiday of Halloween.  Apparently it is socially acceptable to dress up on this day and go around asking for candy.  Agmane insisted on taking me to a party.  He said there was a "costume contest" so I figured I could crush that.  Unfortuntely, I was disqualified on the grounds that I was in fact a "real unicorn".  The girl dressed in what I'm told is "Nightmare Before Christmas" makeup won.  She put a lot of work into that, so I'll say she deserved the win!

2015-10-25 - Halloween Party

Agmane insisted that halloween also meant a "free pass" to go out in public without causing much of a stir.  He wanted to see a unicorn shooting hewman weapons. He gave me what he said were an M1 Garand and an M1903A3.  While there are plenty of more efficient and effective weaponry where I am from, I quite enjoyed shooting these primitive hewman weapons.

2015-10-26 - Shooting an M1 Garand at the Range.

I was lured to another furry "meet", this time at some manner of indoor bowling lawn.  I was told that clothing was customary in the hewman world...apparently leather straps are not sufficient.

2015-11-08 - Wilmington, DE - FurBowl

Intrigued by meeting furries at the Renaissance festival, I opted to further explore this strange hewman subculture.  Apparently they gather at hotels every so often to wear their costumes and meet each other.  I'll say one thing, they sure know how to party!

2014-12-03 - Chicago, IL - Midwest Fur Fest
While in Chicago I learned of a brewery that was quite enamored with unicorns, using them on their labels and including unicorns in the names of their beers.  I'm quite fond of this delicious libation, and was keen to pay them a visit.  Needless to say they were quite surprised.  It's not every day a unicorn walks up the street and into your brewery.  They were kind enough to give us an entire case of their beer to imbibe.

2014-12-05 - Chicago, IL - Pipeworks Brewing Co.   

Some of Pipeworks' Brewing Company's Unicorn Beers!

I enjoyed my time at Midwest Fur Fest so much that I told Agmane to find me another con.  He obliged, accompanying me to Anthro New England in Boston, MA.

2015-03-01 - Boston, MA - Anthro New England
While in Boston we visited a famous bakery (a hewman place that sells many delicious confections) called Mike's Pastry.  I may have stuffed my muzzle full of an unhealthy number of their incredible canoli.  But I'm a unicorn, I'll do as I want!  They were happy to take a picture with a visiting unicorn.

2015-02-28 - Boston, MA - Mike's Pastry
Agmane's enthusiasm volunteering for Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue and his love for his adopted rescue horse inspired me to lend a hand to promote their cause at at the Pennsylvania Horse Expo.

2015-03-07 - Harrisburg, PA - PA Horse Expo
At FurTheMore in Tyson's Corner, VA I met some hewman foals.  They were not as sticky as I had been led to believe.

2015-05-30 - Tysons Corner, VA
Alas the dawn draws nigh and I must get my 4 hours of sleep before making my appearance at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in the morning.  I invite you all to visit my webspace again in a days time to view the continuation of my year amongst you.

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